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Visions of Home

It is interesting to me is how much the refugees that wind up on the border want to go back home. While in Haiti, the conditions were so poor that they made the difficult decision to leave all they know and take a chance on a promise unrealized in the Dominican Republic. They desire to fulfill their dream of a life with some ease, happy and healthy families, and occasional joy. They leave in hopes of providing a better life for their families, but many must abandon their families to make the journey to the D.R., placing their children at risk of exploitation and trafficking. Once they are on the border and see that their perceived dream is filled with disappointment and danger, they wish for a return voyage. Often, these Haitians are unable to go back, they don’t make enough to stay comfortably nor do they have the savings to pay for a way home.

In the tent city of 500+, there are less than a dozen that can read and write. Sené teaches a literacy class; through these courses he not only offers literacy, but he is guiding their mindset for bettering their home and community. The principles of creating a plan, using ingenuity and outside of the box thinking are all tools, that lend hope to these Haitian dreamers. As some of these Haitians eventually make the journey back to their homeland, they are now armed with knowledge and are able to pass this new mindset onto future generations.

Join with us in supporting Sene and the literacy education on the border so as to create an opportunity to change child trafficking from the inside out.

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