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Unofficial EMT

We went to check on the guy that was in the clinic that had gotten hit in the head with a rock and had gotten stabbed in the leg. The clinic had no supplies and we needed to transport him to the emergency room in a town 20 minutes away. She insisted on cleaning the blood off his face and I insisted or strongly suggested that we need to get him outta here or he’s going to have more than blood on his face. He’s lost quite a bit of blood and he needed to get stitches up right away. Both his injuries needed some major attention and all she had was gauze...That was not going to stop the bleeding and that’s what we needed to do before he went into shock. She finally finished up and because of him being stabbed in the leg, they took his jeans off. Now that he was bandaged up we were ready to rush him to the ER but he didn’t have any pants and all that had laying around was a mini skirt. And get this, they were making him put it on. At that point I stopped them all, the nurse, her assistant and the military guys and said, “we’re not going to humiliate him in front all of the towns people that were crowded around. He’s got to come back and live here.” With that I went out to my vehicle and luckily I had my bag that had some shorts in them...they became a donation to this poor guy. Once we had the shorts on him we raced off to the emergency room.

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