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Trouble in paradise

When we made it to Pastor Sene’s church we were getting a report from him and the teacher about how everything was progressing at the school (what we heard of the report was great...some awesome things are being accomplished) when a riot broke out just outside the church. We went out and there were two groups of people throwing rocks and swinging machete’s at each other. It was bad but was about to get a lot worse if it didn’t stop. (The photo’s a bit hard to discern but the guy in red is swinging a machete and is being tackled by another guy...I’d send the video but the internet is painfully slow here in the mountains) Lance moved in closer to try and talk sense into everyone. It was a bit tense to say the least. Pastor Sene raced off on his motorcycle to get the military. Because of that, some of the guys scattered but the guy in red along with a couple others were still irate. They started to burn down the guys house that he was after but Lance and everyone yelled at him to stop him. Fortunately he put the fire down but he continued to destroy the guys house with the machete. He hacked the door off it’s hinges and was cutting up all the walls. The military came in full force and just before they got there, everyone scattered. We talked to the military and filled them in with some others there. After that we’re off to the local clinic. A guy took a rock to the head and got stabbed in the leg. As you can see, the community has some work to go...I hope there’s a silver lining to tonight. Stay tuned. I’ll give you the rest of what happened’s 4 am and I have to be up at 7:30 to go buy supplies at the market. Lance Mergens

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