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Toil of the Trail lessened by light

We are back on our own. Juan and Viejo’s parting words were, “You won’t get lost from here. Just stay on this trail. You’ll know you’re on the trail if you see trash and a couple hours from here you’ll come to Caseta 2 where you can get more water.” Caseta 2 is a government hut for the national forrest.

Knowing that, we decided to not fully replenish our water supply, a decision we’d soon regret. To this point we’ve been over carrying water and the weight of that has really weighted on us, literally. It’s something we have to do though, not knowing where the next water source is. Now that we know, we can plan for it.

We continued on, following the path and saw some interesting things being left by those being trafficked through of which we’ve captured in some visuals for you. There were also some things of beauty on the trail. What I have come to understand is that a couple hours for a native used to the terrain is much MUCH longer for the outsider.

We continued on for several hours and hiked late into the night hoping that we didn’t miss Caseta 2 under cover of darkness but we eventually had to stop for the night. It had been a grueling day and rest was needed.

The next days hiking water was scarce...we were down to a half liter and who knows when we’d make it to the next water source or if we missed it. As we hiked we would gather up any water that we could find accumulated on pieces of plastic trash.

We drank our last ounces of water. We were out and figured that if we kept a steady pace we could go for another day at least and at that point we should be out. It was a sobering moment to drink the last. We were quickly wishing that we had filled up at the “river”.

Either all of you are praying really hard for us or we are extremely blessed but we literally rounded the next corner and lo and behold there was Caseta 2 with a huge rain water tank. Though the water was filled with mosquito larva and pine needles we were VERY appreciative. (The photo of the book in the path: The New Testament in Haitian Creole...I didn't consider that trash, I hiked that one out with me)

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