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Success in entrepreneurship

With an eye toward developing families so they can support themselves, we promote and facilitate small business as appropriate. A recent success Is Eunide and her much needed, newly founded, grinding business. Thanks to your donations, Abolish Child Trafficking was able to jumpstart Eunide’s shop where she has earned and saved over $25 in the last two months by simply grinding things for her neighbors! She is creating value. She is adding to her community! This influx of funds may seem small however to Eunide it is the beginning of a great enterprise. She already has plans to purchase a second mill for bandwidth in grinding on busy days and is also considering opening another location.

This small beginning is the source of hope and vision for not just the individual business woman but all those that see her and gain the courage to create their own niche in their budding market, which just happens to be begging for development. Without your help and care our service and assistance is over. Our efforts are making shifts in culture already. We are so thankful for your support that comes in many ways.

Please consider sponsoring activities like this business by donating on our website,

Tell a friend about what you love in what we get to do together.

This is how we will abolish child trafficking from the inside out.

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