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Path Laid out by Angels from Heaven

I need to give a shout out to Juan Sevoya and Ishmael...Ishmael got us back on track when we were heading the wrong way and Sevoya got us through day one safely. He was nearly home when he turned around and spent nearly a full day getting us through what we wouldn’t have likely been able to do ourselves. His kindness is unforgettable. Thank you.

Sevoya delivered us to the home (a small two bedroom hut with mud floors) of two gentlemen, friends of his and he put us in their charge of which they took very seriously. The two gentlemen (another Dominican named Juan and his uncle, a 72 year old man that we called Viejo) received us in and cooked us dinner...above and beyond. The humble hospitality was incredible.

Sevoya told the other two that Lance and I would continuing up the trafficking trail and when those words left is mouth you should have seen the look on the other John’s face...he was shaking his head back and forth and looked at us like we were crazy AND that we would die trying.

The next part of the journey was harder than the first. We would be going straight up the rocky mountain. Then Sevoya said to these two gentlemen, “I need you to help them get up the mountain so they don’t get lost,”. They didn’t bat an eye and accepted. Knowing that, Sevoya got on the donkey and headed back the way we just came. What a great example of service.

We talked with Juan and Viejo for awhile that night and learned quite a bit more about the trafficking route in their part of the jungle. By the time people get to this point many are exhausted, hurt or dying of thirst and Juan and Viejo help as many as they can with food and water. And they don’t have a whole lot to give...very humble circumstances. Another great example of how we should all live.

We also learned that many are so exhausted before and after this point they just can’t go on and the Buscones leave them to die on the trail. We’re starting to really understand what’s going on here. #haitilance #actnoworg

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