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Our clouds have a silver lining

We made it to the emergency room and got him the stitches he needed. The Dominicans and the Haitians don’t really like each other all that much so the bedside manners weren’t the best but that’s what we’re working on. If we get our Haitian community transformed as we’ve set up in our mission then that respect will slowly come back. It’s not going to be easy but that’s the goal. At the end of all this craziness, something very positive came out of it that couldn’t have happened without all the chaos. As we were leaving the hospital, the military came with another government official to investigate what happened. We were there to add our perspective and the conversation really took a turn for good. Normally when something like this happens they’ll just deport the Haitians, no questions asked but because we were there to help but also because we explained to him our vision he completely took a 180 degree turn and took it on himself to help us. Come to find out, this guy is the top civilian position over the whole region...not sure his exact title but he is the one that we need on our side to accomplish everything we’re trying to do from a legal perspective. A huge part of the problem here is that the Haitians are here illegally and he committed to help us eliminate all the red tape. A pretty awesome ending/blessing to all the chaos. He set a time for us to meet him and discuss what we needed from him to accomplish our efforts ...we were ecstatic. We told him our travel plans and that we could do it over the next couple days or in 7 days at the end of our trip or the next time we come and he said, “I want to do it tomorrow.” A huge win.

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