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More than Nourishment

Our refugee kids get to eat everyday and that prospect is good. The meal they receive is not just a space filler but it’s a hot cooked grain with beans and usually a meat sauce. Getting this meal to the kids takes quite a bit of effort. Many help and just the serving takes plenty of time.

I like it that serving the food takes consideration and planning. This challenge makes it so there is order and coordination that accompanies the childrens joint eating. While watching this operation unfold this week, what struck me as remarkable was the respect with which each individual treats theirs and their neighbor’s food. Each plate an honored addition to the classroom, each bite a life giving gift that permits each to go on. The kids are very careful as they eat. Another striking reality is though it takes time to distribute the food, no one starts eating until everyone has received their food. Sure, this practice was likely a rule to begin but now is a show of inclusion, unity and respect. I am humbled by their thoughtful expression of care.

Thanks for your support in abolishing child trafficking. Our focus is to continue to promote these ways of living that thwart the contributing factors that lead to exploitation and abuse of individuals, especially children. With your continued help we will abolish child trafficking from the inside out. #abolishchildtrafficking #thomasimpact

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