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How will this approach abolish child trafficking?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

"Where there is no vision, the people perish"  Proverbs 29:18

The problem with what is going on in Haiti with the human trafficking issue along with a host of other issues is that there has been no good vision in the country, on a mass scale for a couple hundred years.  Because of this, the moral fiber of the country is very deficient.  As this has been the result, there is no value for life, the moral compass is without direction and there are very little leadership lifting the nation.  This cycle will never end and will continue to spiral downward until a change is made within.  The answer for a long term solution to trafficking in the country has to come from within.  Leaders have to rise within their communities to help the people desire to change.  Right now, there is no desire to change because that desire has been beaten out of the people. It has been extinguished.  In the past, people have been killed for standing up for what is right so the safe way to survive is to just look the other way.  The light in the people is gone and that light has to come back.  It is our mission to bring that light back through training up leaders who will inspire others to do good from stand up for what is value the lives of their families and the lives of their community members.  Only at this point will someone speak up and say, "It's not acceptable that you take the daughter or son of my neighbor."  How is this accomplished?  Through righteous leadership, putting others before self and through progressing out of poverty.  Is this approach a quick fix?  Not even close.  It will take years...decades, to undo what has been woven into a the threads of a society for over 200 year. So, where do we even start?  On the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, establishing strong communities where the country is weakest and where the poverty is greatest.  Strengthening communities on both sides of the border will not only shut down the porous nature of the border but those communities will be a "light on a hill" to the rest of the country.  The change will move inward until it reaches and consumes Port-au-Prince.  That's how this approach abolishes child trafficking along with a host of other problems.  This wont be easy.  That's why we need your help...your long term help and support.

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