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Getting on the Road with the End in Mind

As we kick this journey off we'd like to take the time to share a little of our vision with you that we talked about over a couple days of our journey to the border regions of the country...It's how we plan to put a dent in this problem of child trafficking.

Begin with the end in mind.

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There are short term strategies to solve this problem and there are long term strategies...our focus is the long term 100 year plan and we're going to do it "one at a time". Our focus is granular and at the roots. What may seem to be small and simple things, before we know it, we will all be having a major effect on individuals, communities, countries and the world.

Now, a long term strategy will take consistency, patience, endurance and help from all of you. It's not one that we can do on our own so we will be grateful for any and all active participation that you might have. Some of you have already helped so we're here because of you...thank you for that and many of you will help in the future so thank you in advance.

First and foremost this problem of child trafficking has to be solved from within if we want it to stick and have a longterm affect...within the communities themselves by their own people who can rise up and lead. Over the years of traveling I've met many great people that are leading within their communities or that have the potential to be great leaders. Our goal will be to help those individuals in any way we can to support them in lifting their communities. If communities can be lifted through leadership then they will be the ones that will take a stand and put a stop to trafficking. It just wont be tolerated. If someone wants to traffic children in their community they will be run out of town. That person will have to go elsewhere. "They're not going to do that to our children." will echo through the countryside.

How is a community built? Through serving one another, education, eliminating poverty, love, and through understanding the value of life itself. Bringing light and inspiration to the people will spark a movement and the light will overtake the darkness. We will take this approach in the border regions of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Our goal is to build up the communities on both sides of the border to the point that those communities will put an end to trafficking between the two countries...they will change the border from being one of the most porous borders in the world to one where trafficking is non-existent. That is our mission.

Thank you for joining us on this journey but don't just come along for the a part of the ride.

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