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Back and Bent on Finding the Track

COVID-19 has kept us away from personally being with the communities that we’ve been working with in our efforts fighting against child trafficking. Today that is coming to an end. I’m heading back in today and I am traveling with Chet Thomas who just happens to be the founder of Abolish Child Trafficking (ACT Now).

I’m having Chet come with me because in one of my recent trips we’ve discovered a trafficking route that is a 30 mile trek through the rugged mountains and I thought it best not to hike that route alone. More to come on that but we’re going to hike the trek in reveres to see what traffickers we can bump into and what new we can learn.

This is going to be a big step for ACT Now in understanding the issue of child trafficking in the communities we’re working with here in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We’re really excited.

If you pray, think about us over the next ten days as we will be studying in this location where exploitation and trafficking is the acceptable norm. As we understand these conditions properly we will aim our activities in the most meaningful ways so as to truthfully help our sisters and brothers who are having a hard time protecting themselves and their children in their own homes, on their own land.

Review our posts, visit us on our website. You can donate on our website,

Come with us, it’s going to be worthwhile.

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