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a vision of Mercy, Understanding

We don't always understand why things are hard in life but fortunately, yesterday we were brought to understand why our trip to the top of the mountain was so difficult. Pastor Sené came to Lance and I and said, “I couldn’t believe how hard you guys were committed to get to the top of the mountain and you were doing it all for Haitians. My heart would ache with each rock I saw you pick up and move out of the way…it strengthened me to know that you two would sacrifice so much for us. If you were doing this for yourselves you would have turned around long ago. When I was ready to give up and go back home, God sent two more Haitians to help us push. I knew in that moment that what we were doing was important…important for me and important for my people. Thank you.”

That kind of clarity isn’t always given to us in life and I’m grateful it did because I too sometimes wonder if it’s all worth the effort and yesterday it was very clear…It is.

Well it’s time again for something hard I guess. We’ve come to know of the whereabouts of a trafficking route that goes from Haiti into the Dominican Republic. We’ve been told that sometimes every week Haitians young and old are trafficked through this route so this morning Lance and I are going to hike the trail in reverse so that if there are people being trafficked through, we’ll be sure to run into them and their traffickers. Hopefully this will help us further understand the problem here and how we can help get rid of it.

The trek is over 30 miles through some pretty tough terrain (some pretty dense jungle to start with and then up into some high mountains) so you probably wont hear from us for a few days. We’ll most certainly let you know how it goes on the other side of our next adventure, one that I’m afraid isn’t going to be so simple. (The picture is the beginning of our trek...It looks a little Indiana Jones...I think I need my hat and whip...I do have my machete. I guess that will have to do.)

Thanks for all your support yesterday. Some of you donated money and others became monthly donors so, thank you again. We raised enough money yesterday to implement a 5th banking community. Those that will have the opportunity to be a part of this blessing in their lives will also be very grateful

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